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COL Software Ltd, one of the very best ICT solution provider companies of Bangladesh. With presence in the diverse range of creativity in information technology the name COL Software Ltd is one of the most well recognized and respected names in Bangladesh today.

Our Development Process:

Keeping in mind the user's growing demand, an in-depth analysis of the system concerned and development of database model enables COLSoftware Ltd to achieve the objective using state-of-the-art process.This effort is supported by the high-end technologies like DBMS, RDBMS ORDBMS (normalization techniques) and selection of appropriate program coding order as applicable. Systematic documentation and diagrams are maintained for re-engineering and maintenance of the system developed. COL Software Ltd follows the complete Software Engineering Technique which includes SDLC(System Development Life Cycle) approach for application programming which contains Data Flow Diagrams, Entity Diagram, and Functional Decomposition Diagram .etc and combining our widespread capabilities in technology with profound domain expertise, we provide technology solutions and services with a focus on ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and Application development on Windows/Web platform.Our resource pool is comprised  of various skill-sets and capable of executing any development, testing or maintenance project that may require in-depth knowledge of Visual  Basic 6/.net, SQL Server2000, Crystal Report9.etc for the best solution.  The whole procedure allows building a highly tuned and efficient system  in a reasonable short time frame, minimizing the cost.

N-tier Systems: The business products/applications which use the web technology framework to defineopen standard, distributed, platform independent applications, which canrun on any net enabled  devices GUI Intensive & Client/Server Systems The products and  applications in the area of imaging, data manipulation and application.  Client Server Technologies (Client/Server): COL Software Ltd has  extensive experience in the area of Client/Server solutions on  widerange of tools with strong emphasis in GUI development. The company has developed number of customized application software. COL Software Ltd has expert hands in software development in different platforms. There is a combination of technically skilled people under COL Software Ltd with required expertise who can ensure development of Quality Software Applications as per requirements meeting deadlines.Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)


solution with long-term commitment to Industrial Sectors. COL Software Ltd ERP is architecture on a coherent high level strategy based on a robust technology framework offering a truly state of the art integrated enterprise resource management solution for sector of Real State Developers. COL Software Ltd ERP keeps your operations turned to very those standers of business management that your customer operates in and your competitors dreams to achieve. The Garments and Textile industries are facing problems maintaining large volume of worker force for their wages calculation (time rate), worker engagement in production level and working OT calculation. COL Software Ltd software program, named  COL Software Ltd for HR Production & Wages, can easily maintain those problems as well as Inventory module, Store ledger will be generated automatically by user defined method (Weighted Average, LIFO, FIFO). Users will be notified about stock status dynamically such as Present Stock, Maximum level, Minimum level.COL Software Ltd for Accounts like Ledger, Trial Balance, Trading A/C, Profit & Loss A/C and Balance Sheet will be generated by Debit, Credit & Journal Voucher.

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